@KoreTeam 09-16-2019

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Major Update Released

The KORE Team is excited to announce the KORE v13.2.0 fork wallet has been Officially released(link) and it is a MANDATORY UPDATE.
We are now concentrating on optimizing the miner, wallet and fixing the most critical qt bugs first.
These and other KORE Projects updates are in preparation of having KORE listed on new exchanges soon.

A Note on Phantom

KORE masternodes are not susceptible in the current Phantom Exploit release because the current Phantom release does not support Tor routing.
Because Tor support with a lot of time and work might be added to Phantom, we will be temporarily disabling Masternodes in our codebase.
We are doing this for a precautionary measure.
We will not be releasing any temporary patches because we feel it is the wrong "short term vision" solution/decision to make
The Staking rewards of KORE will be most likely more than doubled till the Masternodes are enabled again which will potentially make the rewards from staking KORE higher than the Masternodes Rewards were.
We have a few solutions we think will defeat the "possibility of Phantom being modified" and used against KORE Masternodes, But this will take some time to code and test.

KORE Team is working continuously to improve our software, delivering the best technology for proof of stake and masternodes. We are going to have several releases in the coming weeks and months, allowing user upgrades to the newest code. The Community has been waiting a long time since we rebuilt the KORE Development Team. The Anonymous KORE Developers are working diligently, to deliver code consistency throughout good practices software development.
We as a team and part of the blockchain revolution, salute the Community with the following changes:

  • * Wallet Release Progress85%

Special notes to the KORE Community:

The private and public testnet of v0.13 QT and React wallets will continue for optimization work, GUI changes, additional Tor Browser and 2FA tech testing and other modifications.
Visit the KORE Discord support thread to get involved. discord.kore.life

Significant Upgrades & Changes

    KORE version 13 was released on 5-16-2019.
    This wallet release is significant because it forked to our very own KOREPoS on block #483063,
    which was minted earlier that day.
    All the updates, changes and additional work listed below are solely on the new wallet.
  • Completed100%

Upgrade to C++11
This major upgrade gives coders flexibility when building the application, it also decreases error prone code. You can check an overview here.

KOREPoS Proof of Stake Script
Using the new block time calculation makes block creation on schedule using real time retargeting.

Proof of Work Script
Change the PoW miner script from "Momentum" to "YES Script" increasing performance and reducing overall time calculation for required target. This is DISABLED for now.

OBFS4 are Bridges that help you circumvent censorship through Tor relays.

Update QT User interface Styling
The built in GUI (Graphic User Interface) got a new style - Keep reading, we have a surprise about this topic.
Gitian is a virtual space to compile binaries, completely free of any variables. “Gitian Building,” the process of compiling binaries in Gitian, ensures that whatever computer is used, the binaries turn out exactly the same.

Now is possible to run a fullnode testnet that allows Masternode as well. Developers that want to build on top of KORE now have a playground.

Using P2SH users can create a Multisig payment.

Creating Masternodes is getting easier, with our generate masternodes script users can create masternodes with simple steps.

Other Work

  • Completed100%

Unit Test Coverage

Accounting test -> Create Internal Account and move funds between addresses.
Alert test -> Network alerts.
Allocator test -> Verify memory page locking.
Arithmetic UInt256 test -> Verify Arithmetic UInt256 operations.
Base32 test -> Verify Base32 encode and decode.
Base58 test -> Verify Base58 encode and decode.
Base64 test -> Verify Base64 encode and decode.
BIP32 test -> Test key derivation from xPrv and xPuv.
Bloom test -> Create bloom filter and Verify transactions and merkle blocks that matches Pubkey Derivation Addresses.
Coins test -> Verify UTxO set.
Compress test -> Verify compress and decompress of amounts.
Crypto test -> Verify SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, RIPEMD160, HMAC256 amd HMAC512 encryption and decryption.
DoS test -> Verify DoS banning, ban score, ban time amd map orphans.
Getarg test -> Verify configuration arguments.
Hash test -> Verify MurmurHash3 encode and decode.
Mempool test -> Verify mempool transactions removal.
Mruset test -> Verify Standard Template Libraries(STL) set.
Multisig test -> Create and verify Multisig transactions.
Pmt test -> Verify Partial Merkle Tree.
Sanity test -> Verify OpenSSL, STD lib, Lib C.
Scriptnum test -> Verify wether Big Numbers matches Script Numbers operations.
Serialize test -> Verify serialization of VARINT, Compact Size and Non Canonical.

Sighash test -> Verify signature hash generation is correct.
Sigopcount test -> Verify if OP_ code count is correct.
Skiplist test -> Verify where to go back in case of split network.
Timedata test -> Verify median filter used to get time from peers.
Torcontrol test -> Verify Tor Commands.
Uint256 test -> Verify Uint256 Operations.
Univalue test -> Verify read and write of JSON objects.
Util test -> Verify Critical section, thread Lock and Utility Functions.
Wallet test -> Verify Coin Selection.
Checkpoint test -> Verify Block Hash Validation at determined time.
Key Generation test -> Verify Private and PubKey Generation.
Mining test -> Create and validate blocks.
Netbase test -> Network Address Validation.
Reverselock test -> Verify Multi Thread.
RPC test -> Set, List and Clear Ban list -> Json Parse -> Monetary values parse and format -> Create, Validate, Sign and Send Raw Transaction.
RPC wallet test -> Verify RPC calls related to Accounts and Addresses -> Sign and Verify Messages -> List unspent.
Scheduler test -> Multi Thread wait time.
Script P2SH test -> Create and Verify if Pay to Script Hash is valid and backwords compatible including multsig -> Create and Verify ScriptSigHash.
Script test -> Verify OP_ Codes.
Transaction test -> Create and verify transactions.

Dependencies Updates

Bug Fix

Upgrade Tor from to
Upgrade OpenSSL from "1.0.1k" to 1.0.2q
Upgrade QT from 5.5.0 to 5.7.1
Upgrade Boost from 1.59.0 to 1.64.0
Upgrade Fontconfig from 2.11.1 to 2.12.1
Upgrade Libevent from 2.0.22 to 2.1.8
Upgrade dbus from 1.8.6 to 1.10.18
Upgrade expat from 2.1.0 to 2.2.1
Upgrade freetype from 2.51. to 2.7.1
Upgrade miniupnpc from 1.9 to 2.0
Upgrade native_ccache from 3.2.4 to 3.3.4
Upgrade zeromq from 4.0.7 to 4.2.2
Upgrade native_cctools from 3.3 to 3.7.1

Enforce 12M hard cap validation on every block.
Removed lib Curl from Unix build - It will only be installed on windows.
Removed date_time from boost.
When shutdown was called the process entered in loop causing delay to close, now it is closing properly.
Database Corruption.
Getbalance RPC request shows appropriate info

Work in Progress

Significant Wallet Tech Releases

  • * React GUI Interface - Base Functionality (Newbie Easy) Wallet Release99%
  • * React GUI Interface - Full Functionality + Options (Advanced) Wallet Release45%
  • * KORE ''Surfs Up!'' TOR Browser Integration98%
  • * Kore Secure Encrypted Communications Platform Release41%
  • Create new 2FA to lock and encrypt wallet when user locks it or on timeout - Wallet Integration Release.60%
  • Communications Platform introductory draft #55%

React Work in Progress

  • * # Automatic node discovery - API.60%
  • * # Automatic node discovery - GUI Integration.100%
  • Private Beta Testing#65%
  • * Activation of OBFS4 and proxy peer management.100%
  • # * Basic Features 100%
  • # Advanced Features.0%
  • # Tests and reviews *70%
  • # Translations0%
  • # Wallet Encryption100%
  • Remove Masternodes #100%
  • Review on lock functionality #100%
  • Review on transaction history *95%
  • Advanced Startup Options*100%
  • Tor Web Browser integration #100%
  • Installer Optimizations #100%
  • # Relevant improvements and fixes.100%
  • # Adding of the about page.100%
  • # Adding of languages (Korean and Turkish).100%
  • # Adding lock of features.100%
  • # Release of trial version v0.
  • # Advanced testing80%
  • # Advanced testing fixes20%

New KORE PoS Consensus Protocol

  • Fix Miner Thread Usage100%
  • Fix check for CheckProofOfStake100%
  • Optimize Miner100%

Next Release Version

  • # Ubuntu compilation for obfs4 ez100%
  • # Ubuntu installation package90%
  • QT GUI Enhancements80%
  • Fix Immature Coin Status100%
  • Optimize Code20%
  • Fix send/recieve tag 98%
  • Fix pig menu #100%
  • Tor Browser Web Engine Compilation #50%
  • Time Drift Parameters Tuning #80%
  • Tor Integration #100%
  • Ubuntu Installation Package #100%
  • Windows Installation Package #100%
  • Wallet 2FA Use Case #80%
  • OBFS4 EZ for QT Use Case #100%
  • Fixing Tor Onion Address to Version 2 #100%
  • Ubuntu OBFS4 EZ #95%
  • Windows OBFS4 EZ #50%

Tor Browser Integration

  • # Ubuntu Tor browser integration100%
  • # Windows Tor browser integration100%

# Misc

  • KORE whitepaper Release100%
  • KOREPoS whitepaper Release100%
  • Review of 350+ Exchanges95%
  • Exchanges Applications Sent95%
  • Exchanges Applications Correspondence25%
  • # Bisq network integration and listing100%
  • # setup and testing of new private testnet to test optimal block time30%