Q. I get an error "Could not allocate txin X for masternode"...

A: Your problem is *probably* that you’re staking. Turn off all staking and try again. You cannot be staking while setting up your masternode. If this is not the issue check:

  1. Is the transaction confirmed by the network and finalized?
    1. Are the coins mature?
  2. Is the transaction in the masternode.conf the correct transaction?
Q. I get "Not capable masternode: Hot node, waiting for remote activation" after starting the alias

It can take several hours for the activation to go through (up to 16 hrs) but as long as your wallets stay up to date on the blockchain and don’t get forked or freeze the node will activate.

Q. How much KORE will I get a day from running a masternode?

This is a loaded question because the rewards change based on the active stakes and thus the average change from day to day, to see the reward for the passed 24 hrs you can go to masternodes.online

I get "Invalid port detection" after editing my masternode.conf

You *probably* used the IP of the masternode instead of the onion address (as this guide says to use the onion address)

I want to run a masternode on a windows machine, why is there no guide?

While KORE nodes on Windows machines can be turned into masternodes, the KORE team will not support the creation or updates of any Windows OS masternodes. You can speak with community members for assistance.

KORE Masternodes are configured to be hot/cold setup. This means remote nodes acting as masternodes, not as your home system. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Uptime;
    • Your home network is not suitable to run a masternode (at least in most cases)
    • Home systems are more likely to be rebooted on a regular basis, every small bit of downtime adds up, especially when it comes to rewards and reward calculations
  2. Security;
    • Windows still has a host of exploits, some of which Microsoft refuses to patch